Privacy Policy

Your data at Janimie

We want to let you know that your privacy and how we store your information is really important to us at Janimie. We don’t want to send you stuff if you don’t want to hear from us – it comes across as a bit desperate!

We know privacy policies can be long and boring, but we’ve done our best to make them as clear and easy to understand as possible.

if you’re not up for reading the whole thing (because who has the time, right?) , this is the short version of what it says:

  • most of the information we store is required for you to buy from something us – like your name and address.
  • we also keep some information to help you find the products that you love on our website.
  • this includes whether you’ve been a customer of ours before, what you bought and how you found us. any personal data we do hold is encrypted and has restricted access within our business.
  • we don’t share your data with any other company who might want to sell you something.
  • we may share limited data with other companies to help with our own marketing. they are not permitted to share it with anyone else.
  • we delete customer data for people who are no longer customers after 4 years.
  • we have a way that you can opt out of each bit of data collection we do, apart from the stuff we have to legally keep.
  • you can also delete your entire account, if you want to.

big on detail? read on…

Privacy policy


All credit card transactions on our website are secured by industry standard encryption. you will see the green padlock in your browser whenever you are entering your card details.

What information we collect

The information we collect via this website:

  • Any personal details you type in and submit, such as name, address, email address, this is primarily used to process orders. data collected may also be used to make sure you see the products most relevant to your interests getting you to the stuff you want as fast as possible.
  • Your IP address (this is a string of numbers representing your computer on the internet kind of like a digital postal address )), which is automatically logged by our web server. This is used to note your interest in our website for statistical purposes and may be combined with other personal data we process to identify your browsing behavior.
  • Your email preferences – if you want to hear from us! we will combine order and browsing data to make sure you get emails tailored to you. Session information stored in cookies used to ensure the correct data is extracted from.
  • We do not hold sensitive payment details such as your card number, expiry date and security code.